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Upcoming and Ongoing Events:  


A Beginner's Guide to Seed Saving (Online)

The ‘Bleak Midwinter Seed Packing Party’ will be held February 2 in the shop building at Nancy Coleman's Higher Ground Farm.
There will be 2 shifts: 10-12 am OR 12 - 2 pm               
(You are welcome to come and go any time during your shift. This helps with parking and comfortable distancing.)
We can accommodate up to 8 members per shift. It's a great time to relax and enjoy each other's company, while providing a benefit to the community.
Please RSVP to Natalie Scholberg by email or text. See calendar entry below for contact info and more details.
Click here for more info about the NPL Seed Exchange  program and to sign up for workshops on "Smart Gardening in the Fall" and "A Beginner's Guide to Seed Saving", hosted by NPL. For some great tips and links on saving seeds, click here. For seed saving information about specific plants, click here and here.

for more info, click here

See calendar entries below to sign up for a shift.
We are proud to announce that the Herb Society of Nashville has been selected as a 2022 Lawn and Garden Show Grant Recipient for Outstanding Community Education.
Be sure to come visit us at our booth!

Bates Nursery Webinars - For information about free on line webinars on different gardening topics offered by Bates Nursery each month, click here

HSN COVID policy:

Our HSN Board has discussed at length the concern among members over gathering in groups due to the pandemic. In consideration of that apprehension, our HSN Board recommends that for any type of gathering, our membership will follow the guidelines set forth by the host of the gathering be that the venue or an individual.  Each member will have to decide whether or not to participate based on the guidelines set. These are difficult times and we will navigate them with flexibility, innovation, creativity and  respect for all. 


NOTE: Cheekwood will be remodeling Botanic Hall from January-April 2022. Meetings usually held at Cheekwood 's Botanic Hall will be rescheduled at alternative locations. Please see calendar entries below for details!

Unit Meetings -  All plans are subject to change to comply with current pandemic guidelines.
These meetings are open to the public.

NEXT MEETING: March 7, 2022  2 pm, Green Hills Library Meeting Room
Speaker - Cynthia Johnson from Moonmaid Botanicals.
Past Unit Meetings – Unit Meetings are open to the public. To view zoom recordings or presentations from past unit meetings, click here, then scroll to find the desired date.

NOTE TO MEMBERS: If you are unable to attend a unit meeting online or in person at the time it was held, but later view the recording, you may count it toward your required 2 meetings, or report the time you spent viewing the recording, on the TimeTracker. 

Zoom links and other information about events can be found on the calendar below. Instructions for making reservations and attending meetings virtually will be sent by email to members through the Google Group HSN Message Exchange. Instructions for members are also posted in "Resources". 

Garden Workdays - Workdays for members continue at the Cheekwood and Centennial Gardens as indicated on the calendar, but you must sign up in advance. Please contact the garden chairs to attend.
REMINDER: Cheekwood is now requiring that all  volunteers be vaccinated.  So if you choose to volunteer to work in the Herb Study Garden at Cheekwood, be prepared to show proof of vaccination.  

Workshops - Crafts, Botany/Horticulture/Herbalism, and Culinary Workshops will usually meet on Mondays at Cheekwood or an alternative location or virtually, subject to pandemic guidelines. See the calendar below for details. These meetings are for members only.

Herb Study Groups - Herb Study groups meet on the 4th Monday each month (except December) through May.  For more information and how to sign up click here. These meetings are for members only. This year instead of focusing on just the HSA Herb of the Year, we will explore herbal blends. 

Lunch/Dinner Groups-  
Plans for lunch/dinner groups are still pending. These groups are for members only. Contact Carol Oldham if you want to be included in a lunch group, or contact Todd Breyer if you would prefer to be in the dinner group. At this time, Dinner Group continues to function month to month choosing the option for  “in person” or “at home”.

Specific information about any of these meetings/events can be found by clicking on the event on the calendar below. Information will also be shared via the Herbary, the Green Book (both now available to members online under "Resources"), and HSN Message Exchange emails.