Crepes: 12-16 crepes

Double sift ¾ c ap flour

1 tsp baking powder

Sift onto parchment or small bowl

In another bowl combine 2 eggs, 2/3 c milk, & 1/3 c water ( cool to tepid)

With whisk quickly add dry to wet just combine batter will be lumpy. Cover or place in another container and refrigerate to rest at least a few hours up to a few days.

These may be filled with any combination of ingredients desired. For a sweet crepe you may add extract to the batter 1 tsp, zest may also be added for both savory or sweet, herbs fine chopped fresh or dry are great as well.. About ¼ c per crepe of filling will be needed.

For assembly: 6-8 inch nonstick omelet pan, or crepe pan, clarified butter preferably, however another high smoke point oil may be used. ( good to 400*), hand flip or rubber spatula to turn.

2-3 cups of fine pulled or chopped chicken( however you would like to cook it), shave or fine slice 2 med onions & one med to large fennel bulb ( mandolin works well here) caramelize in skillet, ¾ c-1c cheese( Gorgonzola or smoked Gouda work well whatever cheese preference works) combine all ingredients. Set aside. Get batter and give a a quick stir to get settled flour from bottom of container.

Heat sauté pan on med with clarified butter when hot lift and tilt pour in and turn to just coat bottom of pan set back on eye until liquid disappears then flip and place filling in center allow to cook until lightly browned slide onto sheet pan ( greased or sprayed) & roll. Continue to finish may hold in 160-170* oven no higher or warmer.

To sauce use a stock reduction or for the black raspberry gastrique reduce ½ c balsamic vinegar, once reduced by half to 2/3 add  ½ c – ¾ c berries & ½ c  stock  continue to cook down on low run through fine strainer and or chinois into small sauce pan, adjust liquid at this time ie salt pepper, sugar……whatever to balance flavor. Drizzle over crepes before serving.

 (Herb Day 2015 hospitality table recipe)