Herb Society Of Nashville

Author: Grilled Salmon with Fresh Sorrel Sauce
Date of publish: 08/03/2022

***June 2022 HSN Dinner Group winner***

Source: Carol and Rob  Stein

Farmed Atlantic salmon (I use this because of its fattiness)

vegetable (neutral) oil

sorrel leaves with thick rib removed

margarine or butter

Oil salmon on both sides. Salt and pepper to taste.  Place cleaned sorrel leaves in Cuisinart with butter or margarine - amount depends  - Mix until you have a paste. Put into a bowl.  

Have grill on medium, put salmon on grill skin side down.  Do NOT TURN!  While salmon is grilling, apply sorrel paste thickly on top of salmon, finish cooking (we like our salmon medium rare), and serve cutting into sections .

There is no such thing as too much sorrel paste!